Frequently Asked Questions

Cinemagraphs capture the attention of your audience and make your fans, followers and customers interact much more meaningfully with your content. In traditional marketing campaigns they have much higher click-through rates (CTR) than static images.

Seeing as cinemagraphs made with Cinemask Pro loop seamlessly they are perfect for embedding in the web as an autoplaying, looping video (like the examples seen throughout the site). These video files can be made vastly smaller and with better quality than GIFs as well.

They may take a little planning and effort to perfect, but when done right they are an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing toolbox.

Video files need to be encoded in a specific way to support cinemagraph creation. If your file is large it is likely you imported a long video.

Use the Edit > Trim source video option to trim your video to the range defined in your Cinemask Pro project as covered in the Advanced Techniques guide.

If you want to make a video that loops seamlessly simple select 0 or 1 loops from the video export panel and save as a GIF or Video file. The resulting file will loop seamlessly when played in a loop.

GIF files can be easily embedded and will naturally loop forever, however quality and file size could be an issue. We generally recommend exporting as a video with a single loop, and encoding in embedding using the HTML5 video tag. You will likely need to export at a smaller resolution and with a reduced framerate to ensure a small file size suitable for the web.

Check the advanced guide for more details.

Sure! If you are a Cinemask Pro customer contact us for a package of Cinemask Pro sample projects for inspiration and examples of advanced use cases.

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